History of Mal-Grey

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[edit] History

[edit] The Beginning

The Mal-Grey Mountains (Dwarven: Maurr ald Mal Grey) and its enormous caverns are formed from the Grey Mouth Volcano (AvorMaaw Taalmarr). Hobar Stonefist (Hobar KarakFisst) led his Dwarvish people into the massive lava caves of the Mal-Grey Mountains. A new kingdom was built with King Stonefist I (Dorni KarakFisst Ald Hrun) as its leader. This is called The First Day (Glus Ald Hrun) by his people. This Kingdom was the richest in terms of gems and rare metals. It was known for skill in crafting riches. Mal-Grey was known as the Jewel of the Dwarvish Kingdoms (De Khuni ald KhuzdDaurnat). However, this Kingdom of Dwarves had to fight every day for survival after King Hammerfist II (Dorni HeusFisst Al Tva) was slain and received heavy losses to the Brutes who live in the depths of Mal-Grey Undermountain to this day.

[edit] Death of King Goinus

King Goinus (Dorni Gonnaz Ald Rhun) led Mal-Grey for many a long year and was loved and respected by all of Mal-Grey. Until the fateful day when a Prince of Horus started a series of attacks on Mal-Grey with his Allies the Undead hoards of Helon.

The first attack wave was thrown back by the dwarves of Mal-Grey and their allies, the Espardians and the Elves. But not before the Prince of Horus proclaimed for what he had come: "I seek the head of King Goinus!"
The second attack saw a unique show of armed, angry dwarves ready to defend their King to the death. They fought valiantly and gave their all. With Clan Rockhammer (Gray KarazHeus), leading the charge across the lands of Mellus, battling the hoards of Daemons and Undead all the way to Spear Point Keep. The battle was long, and many died that day trying to protect King Goinus, but on the battlements of Spear Point, a new wave of Daemons swarmed over the walls to surround the defenders from all sides. The King cut off from his loyal defenders , stood toe to hoof against the vile Prince of Horus.

King Goinus died in the arms of a dwarven healer whose divinely granted powers could not save him.

Saddened and angry, Mal-Grey was left with an insatiable hatred for the Daemons and without a leader.

[edit] Today

Today, King Glorin (Dorni Gloran Al Tria) rules in the Halls of Mal-Grey. He is the son of King Goinus. After Goinus' death, Mal-Grey was left leaderless and Thagnuar (Tagnar DornatArkuli) took upon himself stewardship of the realm. The dwarves of Mal-Grey searched long and hard for the heir to the throne. At long last, documents were found that pointed them towards Ralakeem and towards the son of their late King.
Young Prince Glorin returned to Mal-Grey to the great joy of his people. But most happy of all was Helga (Helggar), Thagnuar's daughter and betrothed of Glorin. She and Glorin had met as youths and fallen in love right then unbeknownst of the fact that they had been promised each other at birth.
One month after Prince Glorin's return, he wed Helga and ascended his throne with her as his Queen (Dornessi Helggar Al Rhun). And another seven months later, Helga gave birth to two adorable children: Prince Thorgrim (Dorniti Throrgrim) and Princess Harma (Dornessiti Harmma).