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[edit] The Realm of Helon

Helon is an ancient Realm populated by the Vishlum of Mellus and those Living that have chosen to serve them. Helon is a realm where the Undead can pursue their own ambitions of honor and power without being slave to the Dark Hunger that still traps the Kashtilum. Despite rumors by the envious, superstitious and ignorant - The Vishlum are not out to kill all the Living, nor see them as slaves beneath a hobnailed boot. The goal of the Vishlum is a world wherein the Living can live in peace and safety, tending their fields and crofts. The Vishlum will protect them as any good shepherd will . . . once they have been properly domesticated that is. The elite of the Helon are known as the Hadar Lil.

Ancient History of Helon

Recent History of Helon

Mission Statement of Helon

Religion of Helon

Geography of Helon

Friends and Enemies of Helon

Key Phrases of the Vishlum

Dictionary of Vishlum Terms

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