Hammers of the Three

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[edit] What the Hammers of the Three are about

The Hammers are an order of Holy knights (Leshonkhauzi) dedicated to the protection and security of Mal Grey. We are formed to organize and train under the divine protection of The Three (De Tria) so that Mal Grey can once again rise to the glory it once held! As protectors of the Realm it will come to be our duty to train our troops so that not only can we make sure no raid into our walls are successful but to take the fight in time to our enemies and to procure the keeps to add to the power of Mal Grey!

[edit] History

On a cold winter morning, sounds of battle can be heard in the distance. The hordes of Helon are unleashed upon the gates of Mal Grey. Two warriors can be seen rallying the defenders against the vile Undead.

One known as Rulir Ironaxe, once from Cal Ray, stands in his shining golden armor, wielding a glowing warhammer, commands the archers and axedwarfs to the right of the gate.

The other Bruenor Waraxe, in his gold and black armor, stands with his trusty Dwarven waraxe in hand, commanding the defenders on the left side of the gate.''

The battle was long and bloody. With Rulir shouting "By Moradin's Hammer", wave after wave of vile deaders where destroyed by the power of the Allfather.

When the battle was over, Rulir said, " Ye know Bruenor, tis past toime Mal found der way back ta th' Moradin. Oi tink it be toime ta start a company, ta defend all ov Mal Grey."

[edit] Structure

The Hammers of the Three are lead by the Ezbad (General) who is elected by vote. A number of Izbads (Izbaud) (Lieutenants) assist the Ezbad.
The company accepts any member of Mal-Grey in their ranks, regardless of Race or Class. All that is required is a deep devotion to The Three - the Gods of the dwarves of Mal-Grey.

[edit] Uzn Baruk

The Uzn Baruk (Shadow Axes) are a subunit of the Hammers of the Three. It is led by the Izbad Uzn Baruk and constitutes a unit of scouts, spies and information gatherers.