Hadar Lil

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[edit] The Hadar Lil

A company of Vishlum loyal to the Princes of Helon and dedicated to their policy of colonial expansion and the domestication of the Zi-Gal (the Living). The Hadar Lil are charged with the restoration and protection of Helon colonies.

The Hadar Lil are of the House of Nergal and specialize in contact and race relations with the various peoples or herds of the Zi Gal. The Hadar Lil are also charged with the eradication of the were-creature infestation that has plagued the lost colony of Tol Arum and the elimination of any Kashtilum threats that may be uncovered.

The Hadar Lil are known use various agents in pursuit of their objects - showing none of the bias found in the Realms of the Zi Gal.

Today, the Hadar Lil appear to have taken a more passive role in Mellusian affairs, rarely appearing in active warfare.