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Gnarlroots are the currency of Mellus. One Gnarlroot is equal to one GP.

[edit] History of Gnarlwood Plates

Due to the vast reaches of the world of Mellus, scores of different kingdoms and empires used a variety of currencies. Once the Katarious Empire was formed, the Royalty needed ways to keep control over their world. One method used was the tight control of currency. Thus, the empire-wide use of Gnarlwood Plates came about.

These small 'plates' were used throughout the Katarious Empire as currency. With the collapse of the empire, bartering is returning, but the Gnarlwood plates are still the main form of currency.

Gnarlwood Plates come from the Gnarlwood tree, a Grey hardwood that is grown in magically hidden environments somewhere on Mellus by a group of Druids dedicated to the economic Treasury of the Fillidic Order. The Treant race was once the original protectors of the gnarlroot trees. Knots are harvested from the trees and used in the economy of Nexus. The knots, when dried, are sable in color. The inhabitants have named them Gnarlwood Plates because they are the shape of a small saucer plate, though much smaller, about the size of a Brute Orc's thumb.

[edit] Nicknames

gnarls, gnarlroots, gp, knots, plates, woodbacks