Friends and Enemies of Helon

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Due largely to suspicion, ignorance and fear, friends of Helon are few and far between. A rough alliance between Vishlum and Daemons - later formalised as the Dark Alliance - existed for several years due to shared persecution by the Free Races, however, more recently, the Helon have sided with the Free Alliance and turned on the Daemons.

Due to the openly aggressive policies of Ral-Grey and the fact that the Trinity Hammer was used against the Princes of Helon has given rise to the only source of true anger known to the Vishlum other than towards the Kashtilum and Katarious. Since the Tauror allies of Ral-Grey remain essentially in a defensive posture, the Helon Princes have chosen to largely ignore them.

A long standing enmity has existed between all Anar'lum and the Sis'Ralar – the lizard people viewing the negative energy of the Undead as un-natural. But between the Realms of Helon and Sis’Ralar there have only been limited outbreaks of formal hostility. The Elvish Realm of Eringalen inherited the Sis’Ralar antagonism towards all Undead, however the Elves seem to lack the restraint of the Sis’Ralar and have been rather aggressive towards Helon in the recent past.

Relations with Mal-Grey were until recently cool mainly due to the Dwarves' alliance with Espardius which being predominately Human, was openly hostile to all Daemons – who were the allies of Helon. Recently, however, the Helon proved themselves to the Espardius and the other members of the Free Alliance by falling on the daemons of Horus from behind as they attacked Mal-Grey. Since then, the Dark Alliance has broken down and Helon have sided completely with Espardius and Mal-Grey.

The disdain towards Helon by Espardius has caused further problems as it has jaded the opinion of The Shield Lands towards Helon as well. (Additionally a Kashtilum has caused a number of Takalum to wander aimlessly in the Sparrowvale graveyards – also creating an unfriendly attitude towards all Anar’lum). Thus no citizen of Helon is welcome in the town of Sparrowvale. However due to it’s more cosmopolitan nature – and greater drive for greed – the city of Dark Haven has no such problem and welcomes all Vishlum into the city.