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The Free Alliance was formed to help and protect the free peoples of Mellus. Daemons, Katarious and any other that would jeopardize the lives of the free peoples are considered our enemies.

The Free Alliance currently consists of Mal Grey, Espardius, The Forsaken, Helon and their associated Player Groups: the Praetorians of Espardius, the Hammers of the Three and the Stoneforge, both of Mal Grey.

[edit] History

The Free Alliance used to include Eringalen and Sis'Ralar until these two broke away from the Alliance. The Sis'Ralar strive now for a peaceful coexistence with their one-time allies, while the elves of Eringalen have been known to lead vicious attacks on their former allies' homes. Recently, the Vishlum of Helon joined the Free Alliance by proving their loyalty against their former Daemon allies. Despite the tensions with Mal-Grey this initially caused, the Free Alliance now seems to have returned to security.