Forum Rules

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In general, please be civil, and stay on-topic.


Subject Matter

  • Avoid controversial subject matter.
  • Real world politics and religion are strictly off limits.


  • No cursing or swearing.
  • No offensive material will be tolerated.

Avatars and Signatures

  • No animated images.
  • Avatars must be below 125x125 pixels
  • Signatures must be below 300x50 pixels

Forum Spam

  • Do not spam the forum. This includes advertising other servers!


  • Please avoid giving away spoilers about quests, items, and areas.
  • If for some reason you need to mention a spoiler, do so privately to a DM.

DM Bashing

  • DM bashing will not be tolerated, but constructive criticism is welcome.
  • If you cannot be constructive, contact the DM team privately.

DM Identities

  • DM Identities remain secret so they can play without harassment.
  • If you happen to know the identity of a DM, never reveal it to anyone.

Character and Player Bashing

  • Insulting other players and characters, explicitly or implicitly, will not be tolerated.

Cheats and Exploits


  • Violators will be banned at the team's discretion.

Hacking and Threats

  • Any attempt to hack, hinder, or impede the use of this forum, or any physical threats to other players or DMs will result in immediate banning. Threats will be treated as actual attempts. No excuses, no exceptions.