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You venture long and hard, making your way west, you have heard rumors of an Elven kingdom to the west, great and powerful, secluded within a forest called the Taurnost The Sand Sailor looks you up and down with a wry smirk, and after paying the price, you set off on the lengthy boat trip, wondering whether or not this place even exists...

After what seems like days, you finally make port at a Human settlement, as your sea legs wobble off the dock you look around and spot farms, a small lodge and small children at play, a Sand Sailor delegate welcomes you to Westport. You make your way to the inn and ask around at the bar about the Elven kingdom known as the Eringalen.

"Aye, them Elves be just west of us, they used ta visit us down 'ere all the time, but recently, what with the Alliance split, them Elves been a little funny, jittery I guess ya could say, either way, we stay outta their way an they stay outta ours, no-one gets hurt"

You leave the tavern, still intrigued about the Eringalen you make your way west. your parents and friends always commented on your curious and adventurer nature as you grew up...

After traveling deep into what you can only assume is the Taurnost forest, you approach a gate, as you look about you spot movement out of the corner of your eye but as you focus your gaze you spot nothing... you get the serious feeling that you are not welcome... perhaps it is your Human heritage... who knows... it wont matter for much longer...

Welcome to the Realm of the Eringalen, ruled by Taur Urien, this Realm was made by elves, for elves. The Eringalen as a realm pride themselves in their skills, while many Elves enjoy a quiet life within the treetops above Taurnost, the warriors of the Eringalen are some of the strongest in Mellus, continual training in both mind and body makes them a powerful ally to their friends within the Sis'Ralar, and feared amongst their enemies.

More to come :)