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Part of the Sis'Ralar Realm

The Engakai: Can not breed outside their own race. A nomadic people who have dwelt in the privacy of a secluded valley near The Firecrags for as long as their memory stretches. They were once a proud and powerful nation. Their glorious cities that stretched all across the valley were centers of knowledge, art and learning. They also served as homes to powerful mages and warriors alike. At one point in their history they were able to rebuff attacks from the Katarious and drive them out of the valley. As a reward for their faithfulness and service, Kulai the Mother (their main deity) granted them privilege to all cattle and placed them as shepherds of the sacred herds. The Katarious launched a second attack on the Engakai which proved overly successful. All of the great cities lay in ruin and the leaders of the people were mercilessly slaughtered. Only a few small family-groups survived the wrath of the Katarious and it is from those survivors that the society has started to rebuild itself. As part of the valley wall broke away creating a new pass, the Engakai scouts stumbled upon the Sis'Ralar and a kindred spirit was readily recognized.