Enemy Class Instead of Alignment

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With the removal of the weak NWN Alignment systems, a number of Spells and Abilities needed to be altered.

Instead of Alignments we have Enemy Classes!

A character may choose between one of the following 4 classes

  • Magical (Default): Tauror, Gnolls, Magical Beasts, Elementals, Constructs, Goblinoid

Here are some of the Abilities, Feats and Spells we have adjusted:

  • Spell: Protection from Good/Evil (Enemy): On activation all Chosen Enemy Class opponents receive -2 AC, -2 AB, -2 Saves for duration
  • Spell: Aura of Protection from Good/Evil (Enemy): On activation any Enemy Class entering the area will receive the effects of protection from enemies listed above.
  • Spell: Circle of Protection from Good/Evil: On activation a circle comes to exist around the caster's location (stationary). All Chosen Enemy Class opponents that enter the area receive the same adjustments as the original spell (or minor adjustment)
  • For Smiters there is a unique Smite System