Dynamic Item System, and Item Smithing

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We have a system that spawns unique items! Each time you loot a chest or container, we generate a special item for you, with properties ranging from damage bonuses to extra spell slots. You will likely never find the same item twice! With this system you can choose between using stock items from stores, smithing them to your specifications, or go hunting for those with the unique traits you desire.

Items also range from level 1 all the way to level 40, so there's no 'magic level' at which everyone stops concerning themselves with equipment! "Wait", you no doubt ask, "that means at level 40, everyone will have god-like items. Isn’t that a balance problem?"


No worries here about items being too powerful or unbalanced. The maximum power of StormNexus level 40 items is only a little higher than standard level 23 items. Our unique system also allows more properties on lower level items, but fewer on higher level items. This also helps let low level characters take part in higher level fun nice and early.


[edit] Item Smithing System

Item smithing is the process of using skill, strength, heat/cold, magic, and key materials to add properties to your items. Smithing is a huge part of gameplay on StormNexus. To smith you need only:

  1. An item to smith.
  2. A little skill in either Craft Weapon, or Craft Armor. You do not need both.
  3. Gnarlroots, to pay for raw materials and access to the forge. The amount depends on the level of item you are smithing, and the type of enhancement.
  4. Gemstones, which provide special properties. The type required depends on the enhancement.
  5. Access to the Nexusforge in the Ruins of the Katar Mountains. The StormNexus portal to it exists in most towns.

Each enhancement you smith increases the item's level. There is no limit to the number of enhancements you smith on an item, but watch out! You can easily end up with an item too high level for you to use.

[edit] Item Properties

You can smith all of the following properties:

[edit] Physical Types

  • Slashing
  • Bludgeoning
  • Piercing

[edit] Elemental Types

  • Fire
  • Cold
  • Acid
  • Electrical
  • Sonic

[edit] Stat Bonuses

  • STR
  • CON
  • DEX
  • INT
  • WIS
  • CHA

[edit] Saving Throws

  • Fortitude
  • Will
  • Reflex

[edit] Other Immunities

  • Fear
  • Knockdown

[edit] Other Properties

  • Haste
  • Concentration

  • Physical Damages up to 2d6 can be crafted on Weapons.
  • Elemental Damages up to 2d6 can be crafted on Weapons.
  • Physical Immunities up to 25% can be crafted on Armor.
  • Physical Immunities up to 5% can be crafted on Shields and Helms
  • Elemental Immunities up to 25% can be crafted on Boots and Cloaks