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Druids are known as healers and shamans in Mellus. Every warrior appreciates the healing skills and service of a high level druid. But a druid can become a great warrior or archer, too.

Druids can benefit from the following changes:


[edit] Boost of combat skills

Druids can boost their fighting skills with the Magic fang and Greater magic fang spells. These spells stack and can increase the attack bonus and damage by 7!

Casting the spells the first time will affect the druid. Casting the spells a second time will affect the druid's animal companion.

Yes, the spells increase the druid's and the animal companion's fighting skills.

[edit] Summons

Druids get Unique Summons. Epic druids can have the epic summons

It is also known that druids can tame wild animals and beasts.

[edit] Spells

For balance and to make the spells fit into the environment of StormNexus many spells have been changed and/or modified. The following table gives an good overview of the druid's spell changes. Cantrips (Spell level 0) have not been changed.

[edit] Spell level 1 to 3

1st level spells 2nd level spells 3rd level spells
  • Barkskin
  • Blood frenzy
  • Bull's strength
  • Charm person or animal
  • Flame lash
  • Hold animal
  • Lesser dispel
  • Lesser restoration
  • One with the land
  • Resist elements
  • Summon creature II

[edit] Spell level 4 to 6

4th level spells 5th level spells 6th level spells

[edit] Spell level 7 to 9

7th level spells 8th level spells 9th level spells

[edit] Further links

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