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It is possible bypass Gamespy and direct connect to StormNexus.

First, open your NWN directory and click the file "nwmain.exe". Right click it, drag to your desktop, release, and select "Create Shortcut Here".

Right Click the new Shortcut and click "Properties".

The field called "Target", which normally reads: Drive:\Path\To\NWN\nwmain.exe

Click the Target Field, and after the "nwmain.exe" add in: +connect

Example: (All in one line)


After all looks as it should click "Apply".

From now on, you can just double click the new shortcut. This method skips gamespy completely.

If you're having trouble try using quotes: (All in one line)


Remember to use "" for the IP address Remember to use your game path to nwmain.exe

  • Many Thanks to Nimnor for this info
  • Originally posted by DM_Storm on the forums