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The Dark Alliance (Kheprerven: A'Ne'Keku-Xenemet, Vishlum: Nam-Du-Sa A-Mas-E-Ne) was a group consisting primarily of the Vishlum of Helon, and the Daemons formerly of Horus, as well as other races who willingly, or forcibly served the Dark Alliance.

[edit] History

The Dark Alliance was formally formed after the supposed "death" of Prince Horus and the Princes of Helon, and the fall of the flying city of the Daemons, known as “Darkcloud” (Keku-pet). As the dust settled, the survivors of Darkcloud, and their surviving slaves and servants fled to Bal Sagoth, where an interim Council was founded to act as the ruling body of the new Alliance in the chaos that followed the loss of the rulers for both Realms.

One of the first things the Council did was to order the construction of a new city for the Daemons to call their own. This new city would be set into a mountain north of Helon and was called Senf-Duu (Blood Mountain, referring to the reddish colour of the water there). A new smaller village called Mitharian was also built as a way-station for Daemons and Vishlum to use when traveling back and forth to the main land of the Shield Lands. However, it was not long until Haagenti, a powerful Daemon who possessed the body of a powerful Kashtilum, seized control of the Council. Under the rule of Haagenti, many new and strange edicts were issued – including the formation of troops loyal only to Haagenti and not the Council, nor the two Realms. Haagenti even went as far as to order acceptance of Kashtilum into his followers despite being mortal foes of all Vishlum.

Haagenti was soon overthrown as Prince Horus and one of the Princes of Helon returned in secret. In a fierce battle Haagenti was defeated and forced to flee with all of his followers.

[edit] Fall of the Dark Alliance

Towards the end of the institution of the Dark Alliance, tensions mounted between Vishlum and Kheprer, and the differences between their feeding habits. Whilst Vishlum were naturally more passive feeders, preferring peace and stability, the Kheprer were violent feeders, eating human meat and souls. The conflict came to a final head in the Battle of Dead Blood in the lands of the Mal-Grey, when Horus Sfedu and his Champion Eshiri-Neb invaded that realm with a large force of daemons. The Helon came to the aid of the Mal-Grey and attacked the daemons from behind. After a disastrous retreat, several daemons falling, the Kheprer were teleported away. A few hours later an official announcement of the end of the Alliance was made by both sides.