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Daemons (Kheprerven: Kheprer) are a race of immortal creatures hailing from the world of Mendezeran (Amenta Saa 'm, 'the place where the Amenta begins'). Now, however, their race is trapped on Mellus, and at present time, they lack a way to get back to their mother world. Daemon, or Kheprer Nature is capable of sustaining things that would normally kill a being.


[edit] Daemons

Daemons are powerful beings that roamed the stars using a gateway magic that they developed on their home world. Expansionistic and imperialistic, they crisscrossed the stars conquering various planets that had materials or riches that they wanted. If the world held nothing of value to them, the Daemons saw no reason to bother with it.

The Daemons came to Mellus through their gates - portals called Propylons, that have allowed their race to expand their power across the worlds - because the raw material for making Sky Stones was discovered there. The current Daemon Realm is called Horus (Ne'Horus-Xenemet) and ruled by a Daemon prince of the same name (Horus Sfedu).

In general, Daemons worship Ta'Surt (Ta-Surt Netr'et), through she is not one of their Old gods, she grants them what they need, at a heavy cost in sacrifices. Daemon history is by far longer than that of any other race living on Mellus - their species is old, and mostly unchanging, as any daemon is practically immortal.

Daemon Society has remained unchanging for almost as long as the creatures themselves, and has many rituals and traditions carried over from the old world, and some adapted for Mellus, during their long imprisonment there.

[edit] Types of daemon

Khu: A Sahu without a physical body. Khu can occasionally accidentally find a way into the physical world, where they are powerless, little more than shadows. They can, of course, still feed... sometimes.

Sekhem: A Ka, without a physical body (a daemon soul) capable of manifesting into the physical world. These require great power to manifest, and are very rare.

Khetau: Half-daemons - a catchall term for part-daemons, mortals with daemonic ancestry. Without a Sahu, they are born in flames and often develop a distinct resistance to it.

Kheprer: The "normal" daemons, in all their shapes and forms, and personalities.

[edit] Languages

Whilst as with all the species of Mellus, the daemons have mostly adopted common as their first language, the degenerate form of daemonic known as Kheprerven is used amongst them by some. It is spoken by a minority and understood by a majority.

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