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Daemons live in a personal struggle between chaos (Isfet) and order (Ma’at) – it is the basic battle which defines their struggle to be dominant – the force that drives them, also known as the Pot Natur. Critical to the Pot Natur is the Ba-Ra-Ka – the Daemonic urge to pass on his/her genetic code, more on this will be discussed shortly. Daemons balance their fierce nature with the philosophy of Neb, that there is a natural balance to things, a cause and effect, a price to be paid for all actions.

Daemon society is a complex mixture of dual relationships split between social standing and Bloodlines.

On the one hand is social standing – Princes, Nobles, Free-Born, Service-Born and Slaves. Free-Born are those Daemons born without a service debt or obligation placed upon them by their family. Service-Born are those Daemons who are born into an established obligation or service debt. These debts can occur from any manner of means – a lost bet, the price for aid, being the loser in a family feud, a sentence for crimes (if the criminal was executed, the next two generations are judged to be in-service to the wronged family as payment), etc. The Kenbet is the judicial proceeding or court that will usually oversee the sentencing or judgment of a family being declared in-service (Ka-Ra-Ma-At). The Nebamen are Daemons assigned to enforce the rulings of the Kenbet and are greatly feared.

On the other hand are the Bloodlines. Purity of a Daemon’s blood is of the most essential aspect in their life. The more pure the blood, the closer it comes to the blood shed by their gods in their homeworld to create the Daemon race. Additionally, the blood works as a link between Khat and Sahu (the corporeal and non-corporeal existences of a Daemon). The purer the blood, the more solid the link will be and the stronger the Daemon can become.

The Bloodlines are broken down into five rankings: Uab-Tiet, Tiet-Mes, Uab-Mes, Khetau, Senf-Sepi. The purer one's bloodline, the higher standing one has - even if the social ranking is lower. Uab-Tiet Daemons (Pure Blood-Gem Pure) are the highest and of the purest bloodlines. Only Uab-Tiet can be considered royalty which has led to children of royalty becoming mere nobles since only one Soul Gem was used to refine the blood. In shame, many of such children end up murdering their parents.

(Note: Unique to Daemons reproduction are the Tiet, or Soul Gems. The Tiet are crystallized seeds of Ancient Daemon blood that are used to cleanse the blood of an offspring upon mating and birth. Purest results are made from both parents having used a Tiet and a powerful priest to enhance the blood even more. To have been born of two Pure Blood Parents and two Tiets, is the best that a Daemon could aspire. As one might understand, the purer the bloodline, more powerful the Daemon will be and the more respected.)

The Tiet-Mes (Pure-Blood Gem-Born) are Daemons born of two Uab-Mes (Pure Bloods) but with the use of a single Tiet to purify the blood. Tiet-Mes and Uab-Mes are the mainstay of Daemon society and largest part of the population. Organized roughly along family lines, the Tiet-Mes and Uab-Mes jockey with one another within the larger families to see who can become in better position to claim the better mate and thus produce a purer offspring. Often only success in battle or honor by a Uab-Mes for great deeds can elevate one’s chance for a superior mate. Most of the Daemons seen wandering Mellus are Tiet-Mes or Uab-Mes seeking a reputation or to perform a great deed in order to return and be honored by a Uab-Tiet.

The lowest caste is the Khetau. The Khetau, or half-bloods, are often mistreated and looked down upon by the pure bloods. Even with the use of the Tiet, the Khetau have little chance of purifying their debased blood and producing children of purer blood. Likewise, they have no Sahu, and are thus not truly daemons, but more physically twisted mortals.