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The Crow: Can not breed outside their own race. Sinister bird like creature with apparent Dwarven traits; lethal assassins produced with the sole intent of servitude unto the Priests of Val Grey. Members of Val-Grey with an Alliance to NO other Realms.

Val-Grey Dwarves are also known as “Dark Dwarves”. Secretive and bound by ceremony and ritual, the Val-Grey dwarves are the most xenophobic of the Dwarven Kingdoms. Val-Grey is governed by ritual and religion.

Because of the considerable distances involved Mal Grey and Ral Grey were unable to send reinforcements to Val-Grey. The religious retreat was forced to defend itself. With more scholars and priests than warriors, and more youthful than seasoned Dwarves as the majority of the Val-Grey population, the new kingdom was at grave risk of extinction.

Lacking the martial might to openly engage the enemy, Val-Grey dwarves resorted to 'different' tactics and methods to defend themselves. Methods that the more traditional and honor-bound warriors of Mal-Grey and Ral-Grey would have found questionable or even disapproved of. It is rumored that amongst the Val-Grey there is a secret religious order that is made up of skilled and deadly Assassins.

Using brains plus magic over brawn, the Val-Grey Dwarves defied their Gods by bringing into the world a new life form; the Crow. The blasphemed race, part crow part dwarf, was brought forth to create the ultimate warrior. Wicked creatures down to the core, the Crows became the elite defense force of Val-Grey. Unable to speak, the Crow formed Operational units within the shadows; watching unobserved from the gloom, evaluating and calculating each threat and the preeminent mode of said threat’s disposal. These units would work together in an undersized collection known as “Death Squads”.

A death squad is a small unit of complementary skilled crow warriors teamed up and sent out extremely focused on their mission. Most missions had a specific kill target or targeted area for cleansing. These iniquitous warriors worked under authoritarian orders to accomplish the mission by any means considered necessary. An unsuccessful mission would result in the bereavement of the whole unit upon their returned arrival into Val-Grey.

This callous retribution for mission failure hard-pressed the Crows to advance beyond comprehension, earning them a reputation of merciless killers. With incredible vision they can spot their quarry from miles away. Over the years the crows have developed fierce hunting skills; stealthy and swift they strike from clouds of darkness.

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