Creatures of Power

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In Mellus, some beings have reached a level of power and strength nearly unmatchable. Only a few of these are listed here....

True Beasts: For each form of beast, magical or mundane, on Mellus, there exists (or existed if already slain) a unique and perfect specimen. It is rumored that a unique Boar, a bear, and giant eagle exist in the deepest wilds, while much more sinister creatures are said to exist in the darkest of places. A queen of the Medusa, a warrior general of the Vespasians, the perfect Gorgon, and many more.

Giants: Giants are immensely difficult creatures to defeat. Their size and strength giving them an almost unbeatable advantage. Some are rumored to have massive regeneration, others to be nearly immune to a certain type of magic, and there are many more unique abilities individuals might possess. They are easily one of the most feared races in Mellus.

Dragons: Creatures of myth, legend and children's stories. They are described in childrens' stories as the large monsters fought off by single heroes, or creatures that ravage countrysides and eat children who misbehave. Each tale seems to portray them quite differently, giving them many different forms. Some stories describe them as large lizards that prowl vast caverns. Others describe them almost as Daemons with scaly skin and fiery breath. If they ever truly existed, there is no evidence to be found.

Powerful Wizards and Generals of the Katar: The Katarious race has rules for countless centuries through their armies and slaves. Some of the more powerful have used their vast natural advantages of size, speed, endurance, intelligence, and resistance, along with hundreds of years of training in the mystical and martial arts to ensure their domination. Add to this the finest equipment from countless enslaved races and you have a nearly unbeatable foe.

Illiadians: Sorcerer Giants: Having all the power and advantages of giants along with the training and equipment of the Katarious royalty has propelled these cunning and cruel creatures to the pinnacle of personal power. They fight an ageless waer against the Wyrrem.

Wyrrem An ancient winged giant lizard of Mellus. Slumbers for eons, but awakens to battle the Illiadians. Emmense is size and power, these creatures appear to be timeless.

Ancients: Beings from ancient history. Believed to have created The StormNexus, yet nothing is known for certain.