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Clerics are known as healers and priests in Mellus. Every warrior appreciates the healing skills and service of a skilled cleric.

Clerics can benefit from the following changes:


[edit] Summons

Clerics get Unique Summons depending on their alignment. An Epic Cleric can learn to summon the epic summons

[edit] Spells

For balance and to make the spells fit into the environment of StormNexus many spells have been changed and/or modified. The following table gives an overview of the Cleric's spell changes.

Cantrips (Spell level 0: Cure minor wounds, Inflict minor wounds, Light, Resistance, Virtue) have not been changed.

[edit] Spell level 1 to 3

1st level spells 2nd level spells 3rd level spells
  • Aid
  • Bull's strength
  • Cure moderate wounds
  • Darkness
  • Eagle's splendor
  • Endurance
  • Find Traps
  • Fox's cunning
  • Hold Person
  • Inflict moderate wounds
  • Lesser dispel
  • Lesser restoration
  • Negative energy ray
  • Owl's wisdom
  • Remove paralysis
  • Resist elements
  • Silence
  • Sound burst
  • Stone bones
  • Summon creature II
  • Ultravision

[edit] Spell level 4 to 6

4th level spells 5th level spells 6th level spells

[edit] Spell level 7 to 9

7th level spells 8th level spells 9th level spells

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