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Member of the Blackhelms
Member of the Blackhelms


[edit] Blackhelms in a Nutshell

The Blackhelm Clan is one of the elder player groups of the server. The most of the core group has managed to stay together through the years, and the group is still very active. Only way to get recruited and accepted as a member is to dedicate yourself to the Northern Alliance and let the other members get knowing to you through months of game play.

Blackhelms are a bunch of strong and skilled warriors. They respect power and courage, and they don't hesitate to shed some blood to get what they want. Revenge and need for supplies are the most common reasons for their raiding parties to get on a move, yet sometimes they might begin a fight just because they like it. That happens usually when they have had a few too many pints of ale.

[edit] The Story

[edit] The origins of the Blackhelms

The Blackhelms were a family of Dwarves who lived in the old Ral-Grey Realm (Dornat ald RalGrey). The current king of Ral-Grey, Thror Blackhelm (Thrar KulHalmr), was a War Master (Kurnmornudi) of Ral-Grey, serving under King Stonemark I (Dorni KarazMaark ald Hrun). He ordered his young sons to leave the mountain halls through secret entrances before the Carror giants (Brauzagid al Karrar) attacked, and somehow managed to survive the battle himself. After the destruction of the first Ral-Grey kingdom, the Blackhelms were a wandering band of refugees, who sought for a new way to live, and were usually considered as a fierce band of robbers. Grungar and his brothers thought that their father was killed those days, but instead, Thror had found shelter from Snowbourne village (Jordrukatgit al IssitHolden).

[edit] The war camp of the Dark Mace

Eventually the brothers found their way to the war camp of a mighty general called Dark Mace. He was exiled from the Mal-Grey kingdom after the war against the Katarious had ended, but he still wouldn't let the war go. After years of service the Blackhelms were considered to be one of the elite groups that served in the camp, and eventually others joined them too. Best warriors were ordered in service under Grungar Blackhelm, and so the Blackhelms grew to be more than just the original family.

[edit] Returning to Ral-Grey

After abandoning the war camp the Blackhelms took those loyal to Grungar and his brothers, and left towards their old homes at north. They made their way to the old halls and began cleaning them up from remaining wild Orcs and giants (Klaennen ald GrayLaunnd ald Ral-Grey). Soon the word spread around that the Blackhelms had returned to the mountains, and that the Ral-Grey kingdom was soon to be rebuilt. As word reached Snowbourne village, Thror packed his stuff and left up to the mountains. Some time after he was crowned as the new king of Ral-Grey, and the Blackhelms were his trusted group of warriors.

[edit] Current days

Nowdays the Ral-Grey kingdom has its own regular army, but it's mostly doing guard duty. The Blackhelms are called to lead them when the need is dire, and most of the raids for supplies are also done by the Blackhelms. Ral-Grey army works in close relationship with the Snowbourne militia, and most of the warriors that join the Ral-Grey or Blackhelms are drafted from there.