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StormNexus is always looking to expand its DM group.


[edit] Requirements

  1. You are in game a lot. If you're not in game nothing else matters.
  2. You are fun and friendly
  3. You want to help and serve the players not rule them
  4. You can follow the guidelines and instructions set out for DMs by Polaris
  5. No tempers. None. Zero. No Sudden Anger, crazy ideas. etc.
  6. You know NWN pretty well
  7. You know Mellus very well (have at least one level 40 character!)
  8. You will still be a player (who wants a DM who can't play?)
  9. You have a good imagination for quests and stuff

[edit] Who should apply?

  1. We should already know you and/or your characters. If we don't already know you, then how can we decide if you will make a good DM?
  2. You should be between 16 and 100 years old. Generally 25 - 40 is the preferred range. We will not let school and DMing get mixed up. School is too important!
  3. You're not a 'server hopper' who moves from one server to another (we have nothing against this for players - if it's fun go for it, but it doesn't work well for our DMs)

[edit] What then?

Okay, so you meet the requirements and still want to DM? Follow these instructions.

Send an email in this format:

I wish to be a DM on StormNexus - Player
Name/Character Name
Hello AT_Gemini
Real Name: __________
Forum Name:_________
NWN Login:____________
Character Names: ___________
Where in the World I live: ___________ (GMT?)
How often I can be around to DM: ___________
What I do (General): ____________
(Student, Rocket Scientist, rock star,
accountant, Bioware programmer)
What I like to do (General):________
(Play SN, Listen to tunes from
Bugs Bunny, Run marathons)
Why I would like to DM on StormNexus:_________
(Kinda an important one, guys)

Wait and play.

We read through the applications (yup every one).

We don't respond (yup we will not respond).

If we see a possibility in your application we will watch you in game and on the forums for a long time (yup, we will not tell ya we are doing it).

If we decide to ask you to join our team, we will contact you.

[edit] How do I know if you got the application?

If you are really worried wait two weeks and send another email to confirm if we got it.

[edit] What if I send more emails, post on the forum and ask in game about my status?

We will remove your application from the process.