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[edit] Who to contact?

Admin Gemini is the Lead Builder of StormNexus.

Compston is the Co-Lead Builder of StormNexus.

Reigen is the Lead Scripter of StormNexus.

BlueSquirrel is the Lead Writer of StormNexus.

Detailed Contact Info.

[edit] Should I know something before I begin?

Yes. Building for SN is not a piece of a cake. Detailed instructions for building areas are below.

[edit] Instructions for building

[edit] Some Basic Questions about Areas

What is the purpose of the areas?

  • Town - Stores, smiths, rest, quests
  • Dungeon - Fight bad dudes
  • Keep - Fight faction or capture area

What level and type of players is it for?

How will it flow with StormNexus? How does it fit in?

Take a look here. We can help guide you in the right direction before you start to build or you can request areas.

[edit] Build areas one at a time and in stages

  • Areas must be labelled and built properly
  • Your areas should be detailed and well laid out without relying on too many placeables
  • Areas have good game flow (Easy for players to get around and find what they need to)
  • Your areas are not too large or small for the purpose
  • Each area has a purpose rather than just making a whole lot of areas
  • Your story is interesting and has flow.

[edit] Before we begin you must

  1. Learn how to send an email to SN. Yup, if you can’t send an email, why would we expect you to do something complicated like making areas?
  2. Learn how to export and import areas. Always send erf files.
  3. Learn that your idea of what is needed is not always the same as everyone else is.
  4. Areas that just happen to be ‘perfect’ for your character will almost never be accepted.
  5. Your going to need to redo and improve on much of your work at the beginning and after some hard work, it will be easy stuff!

[edit] Email

The current Email address you'll find at the Contact Info page.

In the subject include: Builder Name and Areas Name

In the body include: Any reply emails from us, Any notes, Attach your erf file

[edit] Area building - General

[edit] Comments

When you make a erf file (exporting your area) you should fill in the comments

  • Who made the area (You)
  • What is the area about
  • What creatures would be in it
  • What items would be in it
  • What is the area Name, Tag and Resref
  • What lvl is the area for
  • Anything special involved

On Export the Comment's made should include your name, player login and where in the Toolset all unique NPC's, Items and Encounters can be found, ie;

Polly's Dog>Items>Custom>Plot.

[edit] Area properties

[edit] Basic

[edit] Name

Should be clever name ex: Tol Amur

If it is a part of a group of areas ex: Tol Amur: Valley of the Wolfs (Area in series should have clever end names for each area)

[edit] Size

Areas should not be much larger than 70 squares.

8x8 is typical, 7x9 is ok, 6x10 is fine.

Special sizes should be discussed ahead of time

[edit] Advanced

[edit] Loading Screen

Try not use Random. Pick the Best one.

[edit] PvP


[edit] Tag

All lower case, less then 16 characters, ending in area

  • Example: tol_valley Exclamation

Resref: exactly the same as tag

  • Example: tol_valley Exclamation

[edit] Visual

Fog amount and range are important. Set them carefully.

[edit] Audio

Take your time with this. Make it work for you.

(Please do not include scripts other than the ones that are part of SN)