Ancient History of Horus

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[edit] Ancient History of Horus

Daemons are powerful beings that roamed the stars using a gateway magic that they developed on their home world. Expansionistic and imperialistic, they crisscrossed the stars conquering various planets that had materials or riches that they wanted. If the world held nothing of value to them, the Daemons saw no reason to bother with it.

The Daemons came to Mellus because the raw material for making Sky Stones was discovered there. A substantial contingent was sent and established a mining colony called Beneben – the ‘First Place’. Beneben was ruled by a collective of a dozen or so Princes who were served by scores of Nobles. Several Sky Cities were built to support both defense and continued expansion of Daemon control on Mellus. However a natural catastrophe occurred and buried the gateway, the Propylon, destroying that entire area. Despite repeated efforts to locate the area, no one has been able to find the remnants or location of the lost Propylon.

The loss of the gateway had a profound impact on the Daemon colony. Not only were they now cut off from their home world, but all of the clerics and paladins sudden felt weak and dizzy. They felt . . . empty and had lost their powers. Unsure of what had happened, they gathered together in a secret place known only to those that served the religious nature of the Daemons. For weeks they prayed and meditated – seeking knowledge or guidance as to why they had been abandoned.

Then they were visited in a mass vision. An unknown goddess appeared to them and told them that she had heard their prayers and would grant them the return of the powers that they sought. She knew of their fierce nature and it pleased her. She was at odds with the rest of the Gods of Mellus and if the Daemons would serve her in dealing with them, then she would protect them and give them the powers they were used to as Clerics and Paladins. The Daemons agreed and Ta Surt became the new Goddess of the Daemons.

Daemon priesthood is open for both sexes. It is the clerics who hold up the bloodlines of daemons and rituals connected to it, making them very important people. Good clerics may even enhance the bloodline of a sibling upon birth with their rituals. Once adopted in the priesthood, that daemon may not gain any nobility. This doesn't mean they are not respected, on the contrary, they are very much respected.

In Mellus, being trapped and in the need of new kind of military strength, Daemons started to study on mixing their bloodline with those of the slaves to produce more powerful servants and improve their military strength. However, the hosts usually died painfully and the offspring were not born alive or didn't last long. It took a long time of study to find out why. In short, the impurity of human blood didn't allow the Sahu to be separate and yet connected to the Khat. Instead, the forms tore each others apart and killed the child. The priests managed to finally find a way to undo the dual nature of these creatures by cleansing them in fire and bind them only to the Diu, in effect killing their Sahu.

This had interesting side effects as the half-Daemons, or the Khetau, developed the ability to breathe fire and could even be immune to fire and flames. Khetau could reproduce without problems and their half-Daemon bloodline carried on as a recessive gene which allowed them to breed even more half-bloods to serve the Daemonkin.