Ancient History of Helon

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The origins of the Anar'lum are lost in the mists of antiquity. Once the Anar'lum roamed in large packs, seeking the Living (called Zi-Gal) in order to sate the Dark Hunger (Mas Sigar) that filled them. Over time, many of the Living became wiser, smarter and became harder to hunt as they learned to defend themselves. The Anar'lum continued to hunt the Living, but adapted their methods as well. After ages had passed a new challenge arose as a mystical crystal called Lumcastia was discovered. Once tuned, Lumcastia could drain the energy of the Living in a slow, steady flow that did not kill nor cripple the prey. This would allow the Anar'lum to maintain stable herds of Living, perhaps even in a manner unknown to the Living so that the Anar'lum could feed without risk of battle or injury to either Anar'lum or prey.

But the idea of giving up the hunt was too much for some. They rose up against the idea of changing from the old ways, of giving up the sweetness of feeding on a terror-filled prey so that risk of injury could be avoided. They maintained that to truly be Anar'lum, one must hunt and feed deeply off of the prey and not worry about risk or safety. Those dedicated to hunting and the old ways became known as Kashtilum while those who sought to change and adopt some of the ways of the prey, including the building of cities and powerful armed forces were called Vishlum. The battle between Vishlum and Kashtilum was called the Sundering and many of the Anar'lum were slaughtered on both sides. After a fortnight of bloody battle, the Kashtilum vanished in the night. Unorganized and unwilling to submit to dominance of one another except for personal power, the Kashtilum were unable to withstand the coordinated and structured forces of the Vishlum. After the Sundering, the Kashtilum faded into the wilderness and cities of Mellus, where they hunt the Living on their own terms, in their own manner.

The Vishlum on the other hand, gathered all their forces around the area where the Lumcastia had been found. Following the vein of the mystical crystal, it lead to a dark colored river that pulsated with a strange energy and was possessed of a strange sentience that just touched upon the consciousness of the Vishlum in a whispering voice. Upon later examination by Vishlum sages, it was discovered that the river gave off the energy absorbed by the Lumcastia. It was a massive feeding pool for all of the Vishlum and was called Bil Ungrath to honor the source of life that had been found. The Vishlum also constructed the city and defenses of Bal Sagoth to defend Bil-Ungrath and provide a 'home' to the Vishlum which is called Helon.

One day a strange race called the Katarious entered the land of Helon and brought with them an amazing device. It was capable of allowing someone to travel across vast distances by merely stepping through an arcane-powered archway. Unfortunately, the arch permitted only one traveler at a time and seemed to travel to a central point first before going elsewhere. For many years the Vishlum sent scouts and raiders to probe the central point and some lands beyond for the secret of the archway, but they were never successful. Nor could the Katarious send forces strong enough to wrest the arch from the Vishlum. This continued until it was learned that the Katarious had been defeated back in their own lands.

With the archway, now known as the Nexus, available for travel, the Five Princes called together the Great Houses and discussed what to do. The decision was made to break from secrecy and engage with the world and the civilizations of the Living. There was much that could be learned from them. Furthermore as long as Vishlum were equipped with Lumcastia or paid regular visits to the great river Bil-Ungrath, the Dark Hunger could be kept in check. So the Vishlum went out into the world of the Living. In many cases the initial meetings were violent and harsh. The Living knew of the Anar'lum only through the legends and tales of their races, all of which were mainly built upon the depredations of their kind by the Kashtilum. So great efforts were put forward to educate the Living as to the Vishlum and their differences from the Kashtilum. However in most cases, the Living still tend to object to the very nature of the Anar'lum and reject the civilized use of Lumcastia to harvest energy from amongst them.