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An'Thru is one of two great Sis'Ralar cities. It is located deep on The Quarmlorque Highlands. The city is surrounded by intermixed swamps and highlands. It is a great stone city with lush gardens. An'Thru had long been considered the spiritual center of the Sis'Ralar. And was a place of peace and quiet contemplation.

In the year -550 (pre-empire) after first contact with the Katarious, many changes quickly took place. The seat of government was moved from Mir'Na (the other great Sis'Ralar city) to An'Thru. With this move came the Ri'Sis'Ralar (king). To better prepare and defend An'Thru from discovery, in -551 the city was protected by massive magical wards from the Sis'Ralar Druids and slipped into the mists to remain hidden. These mists proved effective, and An'Thru was never found by the Katarious. Unfortunately, the wards were so powerful that when Mir'Na fell in 0174, the escaping defenders were unable to find their way. The Sis'Ralar who stayed in An'Thru remained unchanged over the eons, those that fled Mir'Na evolved into the Sis Harrani.

After the destruction of Mir'Na, An'thru became the capital of the Sis'Ralar. It remains so to this day. However, recently, a great tragedy befell An'Thru. When the last Daemon sky city, Darkcloud, fell to the ground it created a tidal wave that threatened to destroy An'Thru. In an act of desperation, the great druids and Mages erected a magical shield over An'Thru, and it sunk into the sea. An'Thru now lays on the bottom of the inner sea, inaccessible except by the most potent magics. The Sis'Ralar are almost completely unable to travel from the city. The only possible way is by temporary magical portals, and only by great risk. Most who attempt the journey are swallowed by the sea. Communication to and from the city is difficult, but possible by magical means. The Sis'Ralar are searching for a way to raise the city, and re-establish it again as a place of peace and reflection.